Let’s face it, living in New York City isn’t always easy, or comfortable. But when all is said and done, we live here because we love it, and despite the crowds and unsavory smells we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The latest iteration of our “Find Your Formula” ad campaign once again embraces all the little things that make this city so unique. It also doubles down on the detail-rich design style that’s defined our ads in the past, creating an endlessly entertaining celebration of NYC.

We tapped our ad agency, Office of Baby in New York, to refresh this year’s campaign with illustrations that embody a “Where’s Waldo” style of detail and intricacy celebrating two of New York’s most vibrant destinations – Queens and the Lower East Side (see below).

ad campaign queens

ad campaign les

The artists tasked with this undertaking worked hard to nail every detail that defines these locales and we think their interpretation is kind of amazing. First, they made exhaustive lists of everything remarkable and distinctive in each location using photos and intensive research. Then, they blocked out each place geographically to make the drawings spatially accurate and made a rough map to size and scale. The grids were filled in with light pencil before details like people and scenery were added, and lastly, the entire illustration was brought to life with vivid color.

We like to think of these ads as love letters to the city we call home. The campaign continues to focus on what makes each area of the city unique, acknowledging that the key to a successful home search is all a matter of finding what works for you. With StreetEasy’s breadth of listings, vast amenity search criteria, and unparalleled database of information, we’re here to help buyers and renters simplify their search and find their formula for living in NYC.

Keep an eye out for the new ads as you commute, and scroll down for a preview – they will appear throughout the city, with a focus on placements where New Yorkers spend most of their time: on the streets and sidewalks, in subway stations, subway cars, buses and taxis.

What was your NYC formula? Tell us your story or share your thoughts on the new ads using #FindYourFormula on social media. We want to hear from you!