Hey New Yorkers! We want your photos!

Whether you’re a pro or just out snapping for recreation, New York City is, as we all know, a photographer’s dream. It’s an ever-changing scene with magnificent architecture serving as the perfect backdrop. And guess what? We have just the place to show off your photographic excellence: the StreetEasy Blog header!

That’s right. You can see your work come alive right here:

StreetEasy Blog header

And if you’re wondering what you get in return, you get a link back to your site or social channel to show off more of your stuff. Interested? Go to this page and read how to submit a photo. And, don’t worry — it’s super easy.

By the way, since the StreetEasy Blog header is super horizontal, photos that work best are, well, super horiztontal. The ideal size is 1900 pixels wide. Yup — we did say it was horizontal, right?

C’mon! Submit your New York City photos to us and see what happens!

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