The StreetEasy Update is a channel for Susan Daimler, General Manager of StreetEasy, to communicate directly with you — our agent, brokerage and industry partners — about what’s going on at StreetEasy and our related brands.

One of our company core values, “Turn on the Lights,” articulates our commitment to providing transparency to buyers, sellers, renters and agents via data and technology. Today we launched My Agent, a product that embodies this value in two important ways:

  1. Providing clarity and education to the consumer about buyer’s agents.
  2. Enabling streamlined communication between Premier Agents (and Premier Brokers) and their potential clients.

As many know, my work in NYC real estate started at Buyfolio, a platform still near and dear to my heart. Buyfolio was built to improve communication between agents and their buy-side clients. The ethos behind My Agent is similar (as is Facebook’s, LinkedIn’s and Zoc Doc’s, to name a few): opting-in to a relationship rewards you with smoother communication and a more personalized and curated experience on the consumer’s preferred platform. (After a consumer contacts an agent on StreetEasy, they return to StreetEasy an average of 21 times and visit 88 for-sale listing pages in 30 days!)

When a Premier Agent and buyer enter into a My Agent relationship, buyers can seamlessly share the listings they’re interested in with the agent they’re connected to, without having to copy and paste links, send addresses, etc. This helps Premier Agents stay organized and allows them to better service their clients. And, of course, just like with Facebook and LinkedIn, should a buyer decide they no longer want to be in a My Agent relationship, they can opt-out with the click of a button.

We also recognize that NYC real estate is complicated and we should seize opportunities to educate the consumer at critical points in their home search. To that end, when a My Agent relationship between a Premier Agent and buyer is formed, we use onsite and in-app messaging to make sure the buyer knows that the Premier Agent they are talking to is a buyer’s agent. We’re also keeping consumers informed about new features like My Agent through our blog and email channels.

My Agent deepens relationships between Premier Agents and their potential clients while providing education and transparency for consumers. Win-win.

As always, we welcome your feedback at

– Susan