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Landlord Bills Incorrect Rent

Started by Floridian
over 12 years ago
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I recently signed an extension, with a rent increase, for my rental apartment with a fairly well-known NYC landlord. By mistake, the landlord's monthly billing statement to me (which I am supposed to return with the check) shows the old rent amount and says "pay this amount" next to the old number. I know that I should check the lease for a waiver clause, but I am considering paying the amount billed and seeing if they notice their mistake. Thoughts?
Response by fsbo88
over 12 years ago
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Member since: Jan 2012

Pay the amount on the lease. You agreed to it. They will figure it out and you will have to pay it eventually. Why is this even a question? There was a radio report on WCBS880 this morn about "Wealthy More Likely to Lie, Cheat"

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Response by ManhattanBradNY
over 12 years ago
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If they over-billed you by $100, would you pay that amount and not say anything?

Correct the amount on the billing statement and pay what you signed for with the renewal.

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Response by bramstar
over 12 years ago
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If you read your lease you will likely notice there is a clause that says (loosely) that tenant is responsible for paying agreed-on rent regardless of whether or not landlord has sent an invoice.

Yes, you are required to pay the rent increase as outlined in your lease extension. If you do not, the landlord may impose late fees when (and it is only a matter of when, not if) he discovers you are in arrears.

By the way, it is not uncommon for larger rental companies to take a month or so to make rent updates in their system. So if you pay only your old rent this month you will likely see an arrears line in next month's bill for the amount you owe. This may or may not also include a late fee for the amount in arrears.

Bottom line--pay your damn rent.

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Response by huntersburg
over 12 years ago
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Floridians and their hanging chads should seek precision on their rent bills.
You realize that the landlord isnt obligated to send you a rent bill, and you are obligated to pay rent anyway.

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Response by tm2mc
over 12 years ago
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You owe what the lease states, not what the bill states.

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Response by Wideeric1
about 6 years ago
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I had a tenant behind on rent,i took her to court and was given the judgement,.tenant suggested payment plan, I agreed, she didn't really follow plan, but when she made a payment I gave her a receipt that was $300.less than she owed, do I have to eat this mistake

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