Image of beer beyonce

Naming a beer after Queen Bey? Yeah, no.

The Department of Transportation is taking steps to reduce congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge (The New York Times) — This year, the weekly number pedestrians crossing the Brooklyn Bridge has soared to more than 13,000.

The MTA’s super-new subway cars are super-failing (The Daily News) — The MTA has purchased 26 shiny subway cars at $2 million each, but trial runs aren’t going so well.

Mayor de Blasio introduces “cluster sites’ as potential solution to the city’s homelessness crisis (Curbed) — On Tuesday, the mayor’s office announced a new strategy to address the city’s growing homeless population, which would transform apartments in poorly maintained buildings into permanent, affordable homes.

Here are 10 things to check out in an NYC neighborhood before you move there (Brick Underground) — Don’t believe for a second that all bodegas are created equal.

Landlords are offering concessions to renters in Brooklyn (The Real Deal) — In case the 10 delights above were not enough to keep you in the city, landlords throughout Brooklyn are offering serious discounts to get you to sign a lease.

Despite Mayor de Blasio’s misgivings, NBA commissioner says Brooklyn Nets are an asset to the borough (New York Post) — NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is confident the team has spurred economic growth in Downtown Brooklyn. No comment on their record this season.

A brewery in Industry City receives a cease-and-desist order after naming a beer after Beyoncé (Bklyner) — Lineup Brewing was slapped with a cease-and-desist order from Queen Bey herself, after labelling their German pilsner “Bieryoncé.” We’d have pinned her as an IPA.

No weekend plans? Check out the Dyker Heights Christmas lights (Brownstoner) — They never get old!

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