‘Tis the season to buy a Christmas tree in the Big Apple, which leaves many New Yorkers wondering where to find the best deal. The skinny? Cost, quality, and delivery options among stores and street vendors vary greatly, but this guide for where to buy a Christmas tree in NYC has everything you need to know.

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    Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC Cheaply

    According to the National Christmas Tree Association, real trees will once again be in short supply this year. Trees that are currently old enough to be cut for Christmas were planted during the ‘08 recession, and many tree farmers did not plant as many as usual back then. As a result, prices have risen. In 2021, buyers paid a median of $69.50 for their tree.

    But as with most things, prices for Christmas trees in NYC tend to be higher than the national average. But have no fear, affordable trees in NYC are plentiful.

    Urban Garden Center

    Located in East Harlem, Urban Garden Center is the city’s largest garden center. It’s a fantastic place to visit any time of year, but during the holiday season, it’s worth a trip. The center offers some of the best Christmas tree prices in the city and an impressive variety of trees. Prices start at around $15 per foot.

    • Cost: Low (prices start at $15 per foot)
    • Quality: High (tree supply is restocked regularly)
    • Delivery: Yes (prices start at around $35 for delivery in NYC)

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    Brooklyn Terminal Market

    Brooklyn Terminal Market is a bulk produce vendor in Canarsie, where you’ll find an industrial-style market filled with vendors selling freshly cut trees of all sizes and varieties. What impresses visitors, besides the free parking, is the price and width of the trees – we’re talking as big as five feet in diameter. Prices can start at about $10 per vertical foot, depending on the vendor.

    • Cost: Low (prices can start at $10 per foot)
    • Quality: High
    • Delivery: None (you’ll need a car)

    Big-Box Christmas Tree Vendors (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.)

    Big-box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot can be great options because of their bargain prices and convenient, free parking lots (regarding the latter, we’re talking about you, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island).

    • Cost: Low (prices start at $13 per foot)
    • Quality: Good
    • Delivery: Yes (check with each retailer for more details)

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    Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC Conveniently

    There are many places to buy Christmas tree that don’t require leaving your neighborhood.

    SoHo Trees

    SoHo Trees‘ flagship location is, as the name suggests, in SoHo, on the corner of Varick and Canal. However, the store has several locations throughout Manhattan and offers delivery. Their white-glove service that includes a tree stand, delivery, and installation starts at $140 for a 4-5 foot Canadian Balsam Fir. You can purchase a tree online or in person.

    • Cost: High
    • Quality: High
    • Delivery: Yes

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    Would you believe that the location where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal buy a Christmas tree in When Harry Met Sally is still open today? Well, it is, so you can go there and live out your favorite NYC rom-com! PlantShed has four locations in the city, the one featured in the movie being at 96th Street and Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side. There’s another UWS one on 87th and Columbus, as well as Nolita and the East Village. You can pre-order a real fresh-cut Christmas tree on their website for home delivery, with prices starting at around $30 per foot. Next-day delivery to Manhattan is free, and they also provide free installation and a free tree stand. You can also buy one in person, but you’ll have to carry it home a la Harry and Sally.

    • Cost: High ($165 and up)
    • Quality: High
    • Delivery: Yes (Manhattan only)

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    AA Trees

    AA Trees‘ flagship location is in Southern Brooklyn, but they also offer online orders out of their Chelsea Market location. The company offers free delivery to anywhere in the city, and you can pay for installation and decorating, too. They also offer removal services. Prices start at $69.99 for a 3-foot tree, and $99.99 for a 4-5 foot tree, with delivery included.

    • Cost: Medium
    • Quality: High
    • Delivery: Yes

    Buying a Christmas Tree From a Street Vendor

    Come December, there’s pretty much a Christmas tree vendor on every street corner. But be careful, as freshness can vary from vendor to vendor, with some trees being cut over a month before the sale. Also, prices vary, with vendors in highly trafficked locations typically commanding higher prices, roughly $350 or more for a 6-foot tree. Many street vendors do offer free tree delivery for short distances.

    • Cost: Prices vary, can be high
    • Quality: Good
    • Delivery: Maybe (check with the vendor)
    image of a Christmas tree in a small NYC apartment

    Buying a Christmas Tree From a Grocery Store

    Many grocery store chains, including Whole Foods, typically sell trees at affordable prices.

    • Cost: Low (prices typically start at $5 per foot)
    • Quality: Good
    • Delivery: Yes (most stores offer free home delivery)

    Buying a Christmas Tree From an Online Vendor in NYC

    Sure, you can buy a farm-fresh Christmas tree on Amazon, but typically, they are small, potted mini trees fit for a window or table. You can also buy real Christmas trees from local NYC online vendors. NYC Trees offers a package that includes delivery, decoration services, and even removal. Prices start at $149 for a four-foot tree and go up by about $20 to $30 per foot after that. The company sources its trees from New York farms.

    The NYC Tree Lady offers a unique online delivery service. For roughly $25 per foot, the Tree Lady will handpick and cut a tree for you upon order and deliver it to your door. It’s a good way to guarantee convenience, quality, and freshness.

    • Cost: High (prices range between $20-$30 per foot)
    • Quality: High 
    • Delivery: Yes (in some cases, it’s included in the price)

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    Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC Sustainably

    NYC street vendor sells wreaths for Christmas

    A sustainable Christmas tree may sound like an oxymoron, but some vendors are more environmentally-friendly than others. See below for two local options known for their eco-friendly practices.

    NYC Farmers Markets

    Local farmers markets in NYC often vet their Christmas tree vendors to ensure they adhere to sustainable practices, like planting a tree to replace one cut down. In addition to being sustainable, trees at farmers markets are often among the freshest you can get in the city. But all of this fresh goodness comes at a price: these trees usually cost more.

    • Cost: High
    • Quality: High
    • Delivery: No

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    Upstate New York Christmas Tree Farms

    If you have access to a car and are looking for a fun holiday weekend activity, consider heading to a Christmas tree farm upstate. One suggestion is Saltman Tree Farm in Rhinebeck, NY. It’s roughly two hours north of Manhattan and will provide the tools you need to cut your tree. They will also help you tie your tree to the roof of your car.

    Happy holidays!

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