Expert Match is a tool from StreetEasy that offers New Yorkers a customized selection of listing agents who are ideally suited to selling your particular home.

Built from years of expertise and research, Expert Match can simplify one of the most significant challenges of the home-selling process: finding a listing agent who thoroughly understands the market for your home, and understands your expectations around price and timing.

StreetEasy understands that home sellers have many options to choose from when searching for a listing agent — but what if you could get a recommendation powered by 10+ years of listing performance data? Our matching tool takes a great deal of work out of the process by presenting you a carefully curated selection of high-performing listing agents, who have verified deal histories selling homes just like yours. On average, top Experts sell homes 1+ month faster than the market, at a sale-to-list price ratio that is around 10% better than the market.*

As with StreetEasy’s other seller tools, including the Owner Dashboard and StreetEasy Valuation, Expert Match aims to empower home sellers and minimize the time, stress, and uncertainty that can come with finding a buyer for your NYC home.

How does StreetEasy’s Expert Match work? Read on for details about how it matches New York home sellers like you with listing agents, and just who those agents are.

How StreetEasy’s Expert Match Works

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    Which Agents Are Eligible to Appear in Expert Match?

    Listing agents have experience with both sell-side and buy-side deals, and can understand the types of buyers looking for homes like yours. Every listing agent eligible to appear in Expert Match is a member of StreetEasy’s Experts Network. Experts is an invite-only pool of NYC real estate agents who qualify to join based on their deal history and experience.

    Trusted by StreetEasy, Experts must meet our standards of service and market expertise. We measure their performance to ensure you receive top-notch service. With more than 1,500 members in the program, StreetEasy Experts has listing agents with proven experience across virtually every neighborhood, building, and property type in New York City.

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    Can Agents Pay to Appear in Expert Match?

    No. Agents must qualify to join the Experts program by reaching certain milestones in their deal history. The agents you see recommended to you in Expert Match appear because our data and analysis show them to be the top candidates in our Experts Network for a listing agent for your particular property.

    How Does StreetEasy Decide Which Agents to Match You With?

    In creating Expert Match, StreetEasy sought to understand the key factors that contribute to the success of a listing agent in selling a given NYC property. Based on our extensive industry expertise and in-depth research with sellers and agents, we determined that those factors are:

    • General experience: The number of homes sold by the agent over the past 10+ years
    • Local expertise: The number of homes sold by the agent within one mile of the given property
    • Property type experience: Does the agent have a deal history that includes co-ops, condos, and townhouses, or do they specialize in a single property type?
    • Price accuracy: How closely do the agent’s past sale prices match the given home’s StreetEasy Valuation, our estimate of a home’s market value?

    Expert Match will show you up to three agents whose experience according to the above factors makes them ideally suited for your particular home.

    How to Use Expert Match

    If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to get access to your Owner Dashboard, which includes your StreetEasy Valuation, our estimate of your home’s current market value. To get to your Owner Dashboard, visit StreetEasy’s Sell Your Home page and enter a few details about your home. (These details and your valuation will be visible only to you and any Expert Match agents with whom you choose to connect.)

    Below your valuation details you’ll see a button that says SHOW EXPERT MATCHES. Click this, and you’ll see a selection of up to three Experts we believe are the top candidates from our Experts Network to help sell your home. For each Expert Match candidate, you’ll see relevant details about their brokerage and previous experience, including:

    • Number of homes sold recently
    • Median sale price of recently sold homes
    • Number of years the agent has been on StreetEasy

    You’ll also see details related to your specific home, including:

    • The number of homes the agent has sold within 1 mile of your home
    • The number of homes they’ve sold that are “similar” to yours, meaning their location, price, and property type (co-op, condo, etc.) match your home.

    Does one of the agents look like a good fit? Click the CONNECT NOW button below them. StreetEasy will share your home details and contact information with them, and they’ll be in touch.

    We would be remiss if we didn’t share another way to get connected. Let our StreetEasy Concierge for sellers handpick the best Experts to work with based on your unique needs.

    Contact the StreetEasy Concierge for sellers


    What If My Home Doesn’t Have a StreetEasy Valuation?

    At this time, Expert Match and StreetEasy Valuation are available only for properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens that have been listed on StreetEasy and for which we have sufficient data. If you don’t see a valuation for your home, you may contact our Concierge who can introduce you to an agent in our Experts Network with experience closing deals on homes like yours.

    What If I’m Already Working With a Listing Agent?

    If you already have a representation agreement with a listing agent, you’ll want to respect the terms of whatever arrangement you have. However, if you choose to look for different representation in the future, Expert Match will be available any time to help you find a great listing agent for your home.

    *SOURCE: StreetEasy (2012-2022). Market defined as borough, unit type, price point, and share of listings by year.

    Disclaimers: StreetEasy is an assumed name of Zillow, Inc. which has a real estate brokerage license in all 50 states and D.C. See real estate licenses. StreetEasy Concierge team members are real estate licensees, however they are not your agents or providing real estate brokerage services on your behalf. StreetEasy does not intend to interfere with any agency agreement you may have with a real estate professional or solicit your business if you are already under contract to purchase or sell property.

    For FSBO postings, the StreetEasy Concierge is meant to provide insight to improve your posting performance on StreetEasy and may refer you to a real estate professional based on your specific needs.

    StreetEasy Valuation is our estimate for a home’s market value and is not an appraisal. Use it as a starting point to determine your home value and monthly rental price.

    StreetEasy earns a referral fee from successful Experts’ transactions, at no cost to the buyer or seller. Experts must meet StreetEasy’s standards of service and market expertise. Agents in our Experts Network have closed deals on homes similar to the seller’s or similar to homes the buyer is searching for. We measure their performance to make sure buyers and sellers get top-notch service.