What Is the StreetEasy Valuation?

    Our home value estimate tool, StreetEasy Valuation, shows homeowners an estimate of their property’s current market value, powered by StreetEasy’s expansive base of NYC real estate market data. It’s a starting point in determining the worth of a home, and does not constitute an appraisal. We encourage owners to reach out to a real estate professional for more information on their home’s potential value.

    How Do I Access It?

    To see the StreetEasy Valuation of a home you own, simply visit StreetEasy’s Sell My Home page. Enter your home’s details in the StreetEasy Valuation fields, and you’ll be taken to your valuation. Note that the StreetEasy Valuation is only available to homeowners, and is not visible to the public.

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    How Do We Calculate the StreetEasy Valuation?

    The StreetEasy Valuation uses statistical and machine-learning methods that examine millions of data points to determine an estimated value for each home.

    To calculate a StreetEasy Valuation, StreetEasy uses a proprietary AI-powered algorithm that incorporates data from public city records, along with StreetEasy data on each particular home, building, and neighborhood.

    The StreetEasy Valuation accounts for variables like:

    • Home characteristics, including square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Building characteristics, including location, age, and amenities, plus nearby parks and public transit
    • Market data, such as past sale price and comparable homes in the area that have recently sold, along with other public records

    StreetEasy has the ability to estimate valuations for hundreds of thousands of homes across New York City. 

    How Accurate Is the StreetEasy Valuation?

    The accuracy depends on the availability of data in a particular location. Some areas have more detailed home information available — such as square footage and number of bedrooms or bathrooms — and other areas do not. The more data available, the more accurate the valuation will be.

    Our goal with this tool is to bring transparency to the market and help homeowners make informed decisions. We update our valuations when we get new information or data to ensure they reflect recent market shifts.

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    My StreetEasy Valuation Seems Too Low or Too High. What Gives?

    The amount of data we have for your home and homes in your area directly affects the accuracy of your StreetEasy Valuation. If your StreetEasy Valuation appears too low or too high, we may not have the most current or accurate details about your home. Again, our home value estimate is intended only as a starting point.

    To ensure the most accurate StreetEasy Valuation, report all home updates to your local tax assessor. Unreported additions, updates, and remodels aren’t reflected in the valuation. Also check that your tax history, price history (the sale price and the date when you bought your home), as well as other details are all accurate on StreetEasy.

    Why Doesn’t My Home Have a StreetEasy Valuation?

    At this time, a StreetEasy Valuation is available only for homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens that have been listed on StreetEasy before and for which we have a sufficient amount of data. If you don’t see a valuation for your home, you may contact our StreetEasy Concierge, who can provide resources about the market and pricing. They can also facilitate an introduction to an agent in StreetEasy’s Experts Network who has experience closing deals on homes just like yours.

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    Can Others See My StreetEasy Valuation?

    At this time, the StreetEasy Valuation is available only to the owner of a given home. When you claim your home as the owner, you can access your StreetEasy Valuation within your Owner Dashboard, which contains information and data to help inform you of your market position.

    Note that the StreetEasy Valuation is an estimated value meant as a starting point to educate homeowners as they consider selling, and is not an appraisal.

    How Can the StreetEasy Valuation Help Me Sell My Home?

    The StreetEasy Valuation is a sophisticated estimate of your home’s current value. However, it is not an appraisal. To learn more about your home’s value, consult a real estate professional. The valuation is intended to give NYC homeowners a sense of the potential worth of their home, so they make more informed decisions about what to do with their property.

    If you’re interested in selling your home, consult our StreetEasy Concierge. They can match you with a listing agent who has a StreetEasy-verified history of closing deals on homes like yours.

    How Do You Calculate the Rent Estimate?

    We calculate the rent estimate shown in the homeowner’s Owner Dashboard using a similar methodology and the same information that we use to compute the StreetEasy Valuation. Our rent estimates also leverage hundreds of thousands of current and historic rental listings from the StreetEasy platform.

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    From StreetEasy’s NYC Home Sellers Guide

    Should I Sell My Home?

    Selling your home is a major decision, and only you can know if it’s the right one. If you want an independent opinion, our Concierge can match you with a StreetEasy Expert. An Expert is a third-party agent with verified experience closing deals on homes like yours, and can offer you their view of the market and your property. On average, top Experts sell homes 1+ month faster than the market.*

    How Is the StreetEasy Valuation Different From the Zestimate?

    There are two key differences. First, how they’re displayed: the Zestimate valuation for a home can be viewed by anyone on the home details page on Zillow. The StreetEasy Valuation is available by request only and viewable on the homeowner’s Owner Dashboard.

    Second, their geographical focus: the StreetEasy Valuation was built specifically for homes in NYC, and is only available here. It utilizes a similar methodology to the Zestimate, but was built independently from it, and is designed to incorporate data sources, features, and market trends that are unique to New York City.

    My StreetEasy Valuation and Zestimate Show Different Values. Which Is More Accurate?

    The two valuations will vary. Because of NYC’s complexities, it has always been a challenging area for Zestimates. With StreetEasy as its dedicated NYC brand, Zillow is able to explore different approaches for NYC home valuations. We believe that by utilizing data and insights gathered by StreetEasy over the last 15 years, we can improve upon our valuations across brands — and we’re on our way with this tool.

    To ensure the greatest accuracy of your StreetEasy Valuation, check that all information shown on StreetEasy for your home is correct and current.

    Homeowners should use the StreetEasy Valuation only as a starting point, combined with additional research and the guidance of real estate professionals, to make more informed financial decisions about their home.

    More Resources for Home Sellers

    For more on the selling process, including costs, timelines, and helpful strategies, see our guide on How to Sell Your NYC Home. Or, contact the StreetEasy Concierge for sellers.

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    *SOURCE: StreetEasy (2012-2022). Market defined as borough, unit type, price point, and share of listings by year.

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    StreetEasy Valuation is our estimate for a home’s market value and is not an appraisal. Use it as a starting point to determine your home value and monthly rental price.

    StreetEasy earns a referral fee from successful Experts’ transactions, at no cost to the buyer or seller. Experts must meet StreetEasy’s standards of service and market expertise. Agents in our Experts Network have closed deals on homes similar to the seller’s or similar to homes the buyer is searching for. We measure their performance to make sure buyers and sellers get top-notch service.

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    For FSBO postings, the StreetEasy Concierge is meant to provide insight to improve your posting performance on StreetEasy and may refer you to a real estate professional based on your specific needs.