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At StreetEasy®, we already know that New York is the greatest city in the country, and possibly the world — but we set out to prove it. As the Zillow® brand built specifically for NYC, we at StreetEasy partnered with our national colleagues at Zillow to find out which metro areas across the United States have the most residents looking at homes in NYC. The results may surprise you (or not!).

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10. San Francisco, CA

When we explored where in the US New Yorkers moved from in 2018, we found that San Franciscans are drawn to Brooklyn — and we can imagine why. From the stunning Victorian architecture to the countercultural history and now booming tech industry, the borough shares some surprising similarities to the City by the Bay, so it’s understandable what could be drawing these West Coasters east.

9. Chicago, IL

The Windy City may be blowing its residents east. Though New York winters are no picnic, Chicago’s even colder weather has its residents searching for a cozy, warm NYC studio to call their own — noisy pre-war radiators and all.

8. Trenton, NJ

Trenton was perhaps the most unexpected inclusion on this list. Located just about 60 miles from NYC, New Jersey’s 10th largest city is a direct shot to Midtown by train or car. But despite its accessibility, Trentonians seem eager to trade that hour-and-a-half NJ Transit ride for a shorter subway commute.

7. Boston, MA

View of the American city of Boston in Massachusetts, USA at Government Center by the Longfellow bridge showcasing its mix of contemporary and historic buildings by the Charles River on a sunny day. may think their readers prefer Boston to NYC, but it looks like Bostonians are harboring their love for the Big Apple. While Boston and New York have an infamously heated, long-standing sports rivalry, it hasn’t kept Boston residents from dreaming about shipping up to NYC.

6. Stamford, CT

Whether they’re searching for a weekend pied-à-terre or just realizing the suburban life isn’t for them, the hour-long Metro North ride has Stamfordites daydreaming of moving to the city.

5. Washington, DC

The US Capitol Building with Washington Monument with US flag in Washington, D.C. United States of America or USA,

While DC’s mayor is looking to grow its population over the next five years, the US capitol’s current residents are dreaming of moving north. The District of Columbia has a reputation for transience with the changing of each administration, and NYC is a logical move for those looking to trade in their government roots for a new gig in the private sector.

4. Los Angeles, CA

The West Coast lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and it seems plenty of Angelenos are eager to trade in the laid-back vibes for the hustle-and-bustle of the East Coast. Even back in 2018, we found that Los Angeles was one of the top cities sending residents to NYC.

3. Cleveland, OH

There are a lot of similarities between NYC and Cleveland — insofar as they both have a lot of residents from Cleveland. Ohio’s second-biggest city comes in at #3 on our list of the top places where people are searching for homes in NYC.

2. Philadelphia, PA

Sometimes referred to as the “sixth borough” — much to the chagrin of New Yorkers and Philadelphians alike — residents of the City of Brotherly Love are showing more of their love for NYC these days.

1. Miami, FL

While it may be true that an increasing number of New Yorkers have traded their Empire State licenses for ones in the Sunshine State, the door between New York and Florida is more of a revolving one. Miami tops the list as the #1 location where people are searching for homes in New York City — which has us wondering, what do you call a reverse snowbird?

Where are New Yorkers looking?

Unsurprisingly, New Yorkers do a little real estate window shopping of their own. When they’re not actively looking for their next NYC apartment on StreetEasy, New Yorkers can be found Zillow surfing in many of the aforementioned areas, as well as some others that offer more of what NYC may lack: space, affordability, and perhaps a washer and dryer.

The top 10 metros — excluding NYC itself — where New Yorkers are looking for homes are:

  1. East Stroudsburg, PA (the Poconos)
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Tampa, FL
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Stamford, CT
  9. Philadelphia, PA
  10. Miami, FL

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We tallied up Zillow page views of home listings, grouped by the metropolitan statistical area of the listing, and the apparent location (estimated at the city-level) of the user, whether on Zillow apps or websites.