Back in 2015, when Deflategate swirled around Tom Brady and the New England Patriots about depressurized footballs that may have helped Brady get a grip, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback was showing off another skill: His real estate acumen.

Brady and his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, bought an apartment in the sleek, new One Madison, which is the same luxurious new building where News Corp/Fox kingpin Rupert Murdoch listed his penthouse triplex for $72 million (it’s no longer on the market).

It was the New York Post who first reported that the glamour couple of sports and photoshoots nabbed a new tenant for the apartment the pair bought for $14 million back in 2013. Reports say the Brady-Bundchen team wanted a staggering $40K a month in rent. But alas, Brady’s agent has informed us that the power couple never rented their apartment and why would they? According to Forbes, the duo makes $76 million a year — they are not mere mortals, so why do they need to recoup a few dollars in rent? Right.

So, now that the blogosphere has settled down and we know Mr. Brady and Ms. Bundchen did not rent their One Madison apartment, we can say this: It was probably a hell of an apartment if other residences up high indicate anything. Residences comparable to Brady’s offer 360-degree views of Manhattan, including a bigger than life view of the Metropolitan Life Clock Tower. Bam! All of this in the heart of the Flatiron District, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Manhattan. (Note: The photo gallery is representative of high units in One Madison, but it is not Brady-Bundchen’s apartment).

Brady and Bundchen are no strangers to high-end real estate wheeling and dealing. The couple built a castle-like home in Los Angeles, only to sell it to Dr. Dre for $40 million. They also sold their $9.2 million condo in Boston, where they have now embarked on another massive reconstruction project on a 14,000-square-foot Brookline property they purchased two years ago for $4.5 million.