image of bethenny and fredrick 10 madison square apartment sold

Sold! Property records show that Bethenny Frankel and Fredrick Eklund successfully flipped their first project together.

If you’ve been following the inaugural season of “Bethenny and Fredrik” on Bravo (or here on StreetEasy!), you’ll know that their main flip project is apartment #2D in the newly converted 10 Madison Square West. The unit is in a former office building in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, right across from Madison Square Park.

Now, almost a year to the day that Fredrik purchased the apartment for $2.975 million (Bethenny bought in later), it’s under contract to a new buyer. While the final sale price is not yet known, the last list price was $4.5 million.

So, how much will each stand to earn for their first-ever flip together as “Beklund LLC?” That detail is unclear, but in Episode 1, Bethenny and Fredrik agreed that Bethenny would contribute $1.7 million to the project, and that after a $300,000 renovation budget, they’d split any profits evenly. However the breakdown between them works, their changes seem to have added significant value to the home — it appraised for $3.75 million at the start of the season.

If you want to catch up on what’s happening with the pair, check out our episode-by-episode recaps of “Bethenny and Fredrik.” There are still several episodes yet to come, but we’re sure that in the end, Fredrik’s high kick will be on full display.

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