If you are a first-time home buyer in NYC, you are taking the plunge into one of the country’s most unique real estate markets. That’s because New York is a vertical city of full of idiosyncrasies compared to the rest of the U.S. You will not find ranches and Colonials and mid-century moderns here. Instead, you’ll likely choose between a condo or co-op. Prewar or new development? Doorman? Elevator or walk-up?

And once you land your prize, you will be among the 30 percent of New York residents who own — because a whopping 70 percent rent. To help kick off shopping season, we are focusing on first-time home buyers in NYC. All month long, we’ll be highlighting articles that will help you navigate the buying process in NYC. Below is a four-week plan for how to become a New York homeowner. Let’s roll.

Week 1: Preparing to Buy

Many questions go into whether you can or should buy a place in NYC. A big one to ask is how long you’ll be living in NYC. To help provide that answer, we have a tool called “the tipping point,” which is the point in time when owning a home outweighs the benefits of renting. And here are plenty of other articles you should review before you take the dive:

Week 2: Finding an Apartment

Now comes the fun part — finding an apartment. Before you jump into shopping for the place of your dreams, you should review this list of articles and determine how to go about finding that apartment.

Week 3: Making an Offer

You’ve found the home of your dreams. Now it’s time to make an offer and get a loan. Remember: In NYC, real estate is a blood sport, so put on your armor and go to battle.

Week 4: Closing the Deal

Now you’re in the final stretch. This is where things come together and you hopefully close on your dream apartment. But what if you have second thoughts? We have an article about that, too.

That’s a Wrap! Here Are More Resources

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