Buying or selling a home in New York City can be complicated. Whichever side of the deal you’re on, there’s a lot to know — about the neighborhood, the building, or even the quirks of the co-op board. That’s why we created the StreetEasy Experts program. 

StreetEasy Experts are NYC real estate agents with specialized experience in the type of home you’re looking to buy or sell. Learn more about the program, why Experts make great buyer’s or seller’s agents, and how to connect with the best Expert for your needs.

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    What Is StreetEasy Experts?

    Experts is a network of NYC real estate agents with verified experience helping clients buy or sell in specific buildings, neighborhoods, or types of properties. We monitor their performance to ensure you receive top-notch service. Experts are highly skilled, deeply knowledgeable agents — which is why we recommend working with one when it’s time to buy or sell. What’s more, StreetEasy will match you with an Expert whose knowledge and experience mirrors your particular needs.

    Buying a home in NYC? Our complimentary licensed Concierge will match you with a top buyer’s agent.

    Why Experts Make Great Buyer’s Agents

    You don’t have to use an agent when buying a home in New York City, but we strongly recommend you do. A good buyer’s agent will:

    • Provide information and knowledge you may not find otherwise
    • Help you narrow down your home search
    • Guide you through the buying process
    • Refer you to other professionals you may need: mortgage lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc.
    • Negotiate on your — and only your — behalf

    Why do StreetEasy Experts make especially great buyer’s agents? In addition to the above, they have local knowledge and experience that matches your needs. They know what it takes to buy the type of home you’re looking for — down to the neighborhood, building, or even the co-op board. Experts know New York City, block by block, and they’ve helped many buyers like you.

    Why Experts Make Great Listing Agents

    Selling your home on your own, also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is an option. But most sellers prefer to use an experienced listing agent who understands the local market and knows how to price, promote, and stage a home to sell.

    As a seller, this will cost you — typically around 6% of the sale price, though that figure is negotiable. But in return, you’ll know you have a seasoned professional working on your behalf, dedicated to finding a buyer for your home at the best price possible.

    Finding a great listing agent isn’t always straightforward, but the Experts program makes it simple. Start by contacting the StreetEasy Concierge and telling us about your home. Our Concierge will then use this information to match you with an Expert who has experience selling homes similar to yours.

    Our recommendations are personalized and backed by StreetEasy’s expansive base of NYC real estate data. We select the best Expert for you based on:

    • General experience: Number of homes the Expert has sold over the past 10+ years
    • Local expertise: How many homes the Expert has sold within one mile of your property
    • Property types: Types of homes the Expert has sold — co-ops, condos, townhouses, etc.
    • Price accuracy: How closely the Expert’s past sale prices match your home’s StreetEasy Valuation, our estimate of your home’s market value

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    If you’re simply curious about the state of the local market, or looking for more information on what your home might be worth, connect with our Concierge for personalized guidance.

    How to Connect With a StreetEasy Expert

    If you come across a listing on StreetEasy that interests you, select either Schedule a Showing or Ask a Question.

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    This will bring up a panel showing the StreetEasy Expert on the listing, including their name, photo, brokerage, and relevant deal history. Fill in the form to schedule a showing with the Expert or send them a message, depending on which option you chose.

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    You can also connect with an Expert from your search results page. Go to the bottom of the page and look for the panel shown below. Click Match With Agent to be connected with an Expert who specializes in your desired neighborhood or type of homes.

    Lastly, you can always connect with an Expert through the StreetEasy Concierge. Just submit this form if you’re a buyer or this form if you’re a seller, and our Concierge will take it from there.

    Are You Obligated to Work With a StreetEasy Expert?

    No. Contacting a StreetEasy Expert does not obligate you to work with them. Experts welcome your business, but in your buying or selling journey, you’re free to work with any agent you like — or no agent at all.

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    How Do Agents Qualify to Join StreetEasy Experts?

    StreetEasy qualifies agents for the Experts program based on their deal history. While requirements vary by building type and location, all Experts have a verified record of closing deals in a given building or neighborhood. When you see an Expert on a listing, or get matched with one, these are the agents StreetEasy believes are best suited to help you buy or sell.

    Are you an agent looking to join Experts? Learn more about the program.

    Disclaimers: StreetEasy Valuation is our estimate for a home’s market value and is not an appraisal. Use it as a starting point to determine your home value and monthly rental price. 

    StreetEasy is an assumed name of Zillow, Inc. which has a real estate brokerage license in all 50 states and D.C. See real estate licenses. StreetEasy Concierge team members are real estate licensees, however they are not your agents or providing real estate brokerage services on your behalf. StreetEasy does not intend to interfere with any agency agreement you may have with a real estate professional or solicit your business if you are already under contract to purchase or sell property.