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How to afford NYC? For the month of April, we’ll be exploring how people do it — and how you can, too.

A StreetEasy report this year found that one in two New Yorkers think the city is unaffordable, and that securing a home here is a major concern for many of us. Yet the report also found that most New Yorkers find the cost of their own home manageable. Somehow, in this insanely expensive city, many New Yorkers are managing to make it work. But how to afford NYC? For the month of April, StreetEasy is running a special series that attempts to answer that question. We will profile real New Yorkers’ spending habits and financial concerns, explain key affordable housing programs, and provide data-driven looks at the cost of housing across the city. See all of StreetEasy’s home affordability coverage here:

Week 1

Just How Crazy Is the Cost of Living in New York City?

How I Won the Affordable Housing Lottery

I’m 26, Make $50K, and Am Saving for Grad School. Here’s How I Afford NYC

Week 2

Mortgage Assistance Programs Make Buying a Home Easier

How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment

I’m a Librarian With Debt Who Dreams of Paris. Here’s How I Afford NYC

Week 3

How the NYC Affordable Housing Lottery Works

How to Renew the Lease on a NYC Affordable Lottery Apartment

I’m in Grad School and Living on My Wife’s Income. Here’s How I Afford NYC

Week 4

What Are HDFC, or Restricted-Sale Buildings?

The Best NYC Neighborhoods for Night Shift Workers

I Make $60K and My Husband Makes $380K. Here’s How We Live in NYC

Week 5

What Is the Area Median Income in NYC?

Struggling to Make Rent? These Six Rental Assistance Programs Can Help

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