In the New York City real estate market, there are some listings that linger for years and others that fly off the shelves. If your primary objective is to sell your home fast, there are ways to make the selling process more efficient to help you reach that goal. We’ve gathered expert advice on selling your home quickly in NYC, touching on the crucial elements of pricing, timing, organizing open houses, crafting a quality listing, and the benefits of partnering with a seasoned real estate agent.

Price It Well or Below Market

“Pricing is paramount,” says Greg Mire, a licensed associate real estate broker with Compass, top-performing StreetEasy Expert and member of the StreetEasy Agent Advisory Board. “A dual strategy can be adopted to ensure your property hits the sweet spot in pricing. First, peg an attractive price per square foot to give your property an edge. Second, make sure that your home’s price aligns with your target audience’s search parameters.”

Mire further elaborates that pricing your home a touch below market value can create the perception of a great deal to potential buyers. This strategy could lead to a higher influx of offers and a better final sale price. Pricing is an art that requires a delicate balance, so use your knowledge of the market to your advantage.

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Timing Can Make or Break a Sale 

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in NYC, listing in spring (or just before) is a safe bet. According to StreetEasy data on the best time to list a home for sale, apartments put on the market in the first week of March typically go into contract 16 days faster than comparable homes listed other times in the year.

But if you need to sell at a different time of year, don’t stress. “It’s not all about targeting peak real estate seasons,” Mire shares. “Sometimes, there is hidden value in listing your property during less popular times. When fewer options are on the market, your listing could potentially get more attention from potential buyers.” However, he cautions that sellers should avoid listing during late August and mid-December when the city usually shifts into a slower gear.

Hold Open Houses 

“Open houses are an efficient way to bring many buyers through a property and often lead to a faster sale,” says Mire. “These events allow a larger pool of potential buyers to view your property simultaneously. By organizing open houses by appointment, you can manage the influx of visitors and ensure you allocate adequate time to take each potential buyer through the property meticulously.”

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Use StreetEasy to Sell Your Home Fast

StreetEasy also has tools on its platform to help sell your home faster. Among these, the Featured Listings option stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. This tool ensures your property is showcased prominently above others on StreetEasy search result pages. Featured Listings for sales receive 121% more views, 150% more saves, 148% more shares, 97% more messages compared to non-featured listings.

By securing a top spot in search results, these listings gain a competitive edge, ensuring they’re noticed and considered by eager apartment hunters ahead of their competitors. 

Ensure Your Listing is High-Quality

Mire emphasizes the importance of high-quality photos, floor plans, and videos in your listing. “They can significantly enhance your listing, attracting more potential buyers. They provide a more comprehensive view of the property and give buyers a sense of its scale.”

3D tours are another listing feature that can help attract prospective buyers — especially out-of-town ones — and filter out those who probably won’t buy. It gives buyers a sense of the space virtually, and if they like what they see and ask to see the unit in person, you can be confident in their level of interest. 

And what does the data say? Sales listings with floor plans see 61% more saves on StreetEasy, and those with 3D tours see 8% more saves. When trying to sell your home fast in NYC, those extra saves can make a big difference.

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Work With an Experienced Agent 

“Collaborating with an agent who is well acquainted with NYC’s diverse neighborhoods can offer deep insights about local amenities, transportation options, and the available inventory,” advises Mire. “A seasoned agent understands the target audience, knows how to showcase your property to capture their interest, and has reliable procedures in place to expedite the deal.”

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“StreetEasy Concierge matches sellers with agents who have a history of selling similar homes faster, for higher prices, and with greater certainty than the market,” says Carlo Romero, Strategic Partnerships Manager at StreetEasy and licensed StreetEasy Concierge. “Finding the right agent for your home can help you sell with less stress and more confidence.”

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Final Tips and Strategies

“In a city as fast-paced as NYC, first impressions carry a lot of weight,” warns Mire. “To prepare your home for sale, make sure every corner of it is spotless, freshly painted, and staged appropriately when required.”

However, Mire warns against the frequent mistake of listing your property before it’s fully prepared. “While it might seem counterintuitive, investing time to prepare your home for sale thoroughly can lead to a quicker transaction and, potentially, a higher sale price,” he notes. 

Take the time to ensure your home is at its best before listing it, as this can dramatically impact buyers’ perceptions and willingness to purchase.

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