New York City is a place of endless discoveries. To show it all off, we’re excited to announce #StreetEasyFinds. Share your NYC finds with us on Instagram: Photos of homes, views, neighborhoods, or anything you’d like, and we’ll regram our favorites.

Each month we highlight the work of one of our favorite NYC-based photographers as they share their #StreetEasyFinds with us. This month’s world-traveling photographers, Andrea Tamburrini and Francesco Innocenti, are originally from Italy, but are making their home in NYC this spring.


“Ever since I was little, I always traveled so much! So it only felt natural to start sharing photos from my travels and daily life on Instagram.” -AT
Even before Instagram, I documented every trip with a countless amount of photos.” -FIFAVORITE SPOTS TO PHOTOGRAPH IN NYC
“I love all the beautiful buildings and the timeless views. I also love that NYC is full of neighborhoods that are completely different from one another: SoHo, West Village, Midtown, Downtown … there’s so much to explore every day! But mostly I find the coffee scene to be amazing! I love discovering all the new restaurants and coffee shops that seem to pop up on a daily basis.” -AT
Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise or sunset. SoHo is on top of my list, but recently I’ve been spending more time in downtown Manhattan and loving it!” -FIANDREA & FRANCESCO LOVE NYC BECAUSE …
“It has incredible energy wherever you go and all the time — it literally is the city that never sleeps. Every day can be so different than the day before, and there’s always something going on. It’s incredibly hectic, but it’s easy to get used to if you have a thing for big cities, like I do. Also, the food scene is great, I think it’s the only city in the world where I’ve found Italian restaurants that I like more than Italian restaurants back in Italy!” -AT
Everywhere you look you get a glimpse of somewhere else in the world.” -FIDREAM CITY OUTSIDE OF NYC
“I hate the cold, so I’d have to say Los Angeles … you can’t beat L.A. weather!” -AT
he Amalfi Coast, it’s such a quaint and charming destination … so different than any metropolitan city. That’s where I will retire!” -FI

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