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Taylor Swift may have transitioned from the queen of country to the princess of pop, but throughout her career, one thing’s always remained the same: her love of collecting real estate. The singer currently owns $50 million in property in Manhattan alone, and more than $97 million worth of homes across the country. Let’s track some of her purchases.


Swift has done her fair share of buying and selling properties across the country. She made her first purchase in 2009, buying a penthouse in midtown Nashville when she was just 20 years old. It was also her first time trying her hand at interior decorating, which she’s been known to handle at all her homes.

The Adelicia condo building in Nashville, where Swift bought her first place in 2009.

Swift showed the Nashville pad off to Katie Couric in an interview back in 2012, when her career was really taking off. You can see her more girlish style, which makes sense given that she was barely out of her teen years at the time.

Now, Swift owns another house in the suburbs in Nashville as well as her family home in Hendersonville, TN, where she grew up.

Beach Houses

Swift didn’t venture into East Coast real estate until 2012, when she bought a gorgeous seaside mansion in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod, right near the Joseph P. Kennedy house, only to sell it a few months later. Swifties say she sold it after she broke up with John F. Kennedy’s grandson, Conor Kennedy, with whom she had a “summer fling.” Either way, it’s a gorgeous house — but Taylor moved on to bigger and better things in Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift’s beach house in Rhode Island, where she’s been known to throw some pretty big parties. (Image courtesy of Zillow.)

In 2013, Swift bought a house in Watch Hill, RI, for $17.75 million. It sits on 5 acres of oceanfront property, has 8 bedrooms and 8 fireplaces, and hosts many of Swift’s celebrity-squad parties, such as the one she throws (almost) every Fourth of July.

New York City

Taylor Swift made a splash upon entering the crazy world of New York real estate, buying two adjacent Tribeca penthouses from “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson in 2014. She then wanted to make her own renovations and combine them into one stellar bachelorette pad. While that work was being done, she had to move out, so of course she rented a beautiful apartment in the West Village for $38,000 per month.

Taylor Swift’s West Village rental, where she stayed while her Tribeca townhouse was being renovated.

Swift didn’t stop there in acquiring new pieces of New York City. In October 2017, she bought an $18 million townhouse next door to her first one, at 153 Franklin St. In 2018, she bought another loft in that same Tribeca building, for $9.75 million. (Photos of this second purchase are in the slideshow below.) No wonder there’s a plaque on one of her walls declaring the neighborhood “Taybeca.”

Swift also seems to be a trendsetter of sorts; other celebrities, like Aziz Ansari, have moved into Tribeca’s Sugar Loaf building since she’s arrived. Orlando Bloom also owned a loft in the building at one point, but moved out shortly after Swift bought in. Whether that has to do with her knack for keeping the paparazzi around, we don’t know.

Taylor Swift’s Tribeca penthouse in the former Sugar Loaf Warehouse, which she bought from Peter Jackson a few years ago. This photo was taken prior to her extensive renovations.


image of taylor swift house in beverly hills

Taylor Swift’s home in Beverly Hills, which has become a landmarked building. (Image courtesy of Zillow.)

Of course, we can’t forget Swift’s current home in Beverly Hills, which was formerly owned by movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn. (He was the G in “MGM.”) In true Taylor fashion, she had the home restored to its original 1934 condition and then petitioned for it to be landmarked by the town of Beverly Hills. The petition passed, but Swift has since put up pretty tight security gates around the house, so anyone looking to appreciate its old-time architecture is out of luck.

Taylor has definitely been around the block a few times, but it seems like she’s determined to make it in New York. We’re dying to see what she does next, or at least how long it’ll take for her to buy all of Tribeca.

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