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When was the last time you spruced up your agent bio? If it’s been a while, it’s probably time to take another look. After all, potential buyers, sellers, or renters often read an agent’s bio to get a quick sense of their experience and expertise before reaching out. It can get you a foot in the door with the right clients, especially if it stands out among the many other bios they’re encountering in their search for an agent.

Let’s dive into how to write an outstanding bio for your StreetEasy profile, brokerage website, or LinkedIn.

7 things to include in your agent bio

There are certain pieces of information that every exemplary bio should contain. Make sure yours includes the following:

1. Your real estate experience: Highlight how many years you’ve worked in the industry and any relevant education, special designations, or prior work experience.

2. Your connection to specific boroughs or neighborhoods: A 2023 StreetEasy survey revealed that 41% of buyers want their agent to have special insight into the borough or neighborhood they want to live in. Call out any neighborhoods or areas you tend to focus on and have done a lot of business in. (If you’re a StreetEasy Expert, this is especially important!)

3. Types of properties you specialize in: The same survey showed that buyers want their agent to have expertise about the specific building (48%) or property type (40%) they’re interested in. If you’ve helped a lot of clients purchase co-ops, condos, or townhouses, point it out in your bio. (Again, this is definitely something to include if you’re an Expert.)

4. Your strengths as an agent: Are you detail-oriented, a great listener, or a master negotiator? Share your strengths and how they benefit your clients.

5. Relevant skills: For example, if you speak multiple languages or have interior design experience, talk about it in your bio.

6. Awards and achievements: Maybe you won a top agent award, set a sales record at your brokerage, or earned a spot on a prestigious industry list. If it speaks to your experience or performance as an agent, mention it!

7. Personal interests or volunteer work: Not only does this build trust with clients, but it also gives them a peek into your unique personality.

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How to make your bio stand out

With over 53,000 agents and brokers in NYC, having the right information in your bio isn’t enough. To capture attention, your bio needs to stand out.

First, you’ll want to have a high quality professional headshot to go along with your bio. Hire a photographer who can help you choose the right poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds to impress your future clients. Make sure it’s not too outdated and resembles what you currently look like.

People tend to skim read nowadays, so put your most important experience and expertise at the top of your bio. Also, few readers will get through a huge block of text, even when skimming. If formatting allows, try breaking up your bio into short paragraphs of five sentences or less, and keep your sentences on the shorter side.

Keep your language conversational and personable, yet informative and professional. Avoid complex real estate terminology the average person doesn’t know. A bio that’s easy to read is far more interesting than a formal bio stuffed with jargon.

Also, don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some storytelling elements. Consider adding a few personal details so readers can get a glimpse of your connection to NYC, or how your previous career makes you a stronger agent now.

Lastly, check for any spelling or grammatical errors. First impressions matter, and your bio should show that you’ve at least taken the time to proofread. Have a colleague, friend, or loved one give it a look as well to spot anything you may have missed.

Remember that your bio should entice people to work with you, but ultimately, it should be a reflection of you — professional, engaging, and ready to be the best possible real estate agent for your clients.

If you have an agent account with StreetEasy, be sure to update your profile to include your latest bio, headshot, and other details. Just log in and go to Account > Profile to make changes at any time. StreetEasy Experts can also enhance their profiles with exclusive elements like neighborhood expertise, personalized data, an interactive map of their deal history, and more.