With home-shopping season upon us, StreetEasy has officially debuted our latest ad campaign, “There’s Only One City.”

The 2019 campaign features an array of still photography depicting real-life scenes familiar to New Yorkers, paired with copy that highlights how these relatable, everyday moments are unique to life in this epic city. To us New Yorkers, New York isn’t just another place to live — it’s the center of the universe.

The campaign was created in partnership with Lightning Orchard, a new, New York City-based creative agency, and aims to acknowledge and celebrate New Yorkers’ desire to thrive and belong in the greatest city on earth. As a brand that’s exclusively dedicated to helping people find a home in New York City, we wanted to celebrate the unique experience of living here and credit New Yorkers for their choice to call the center of the universe home.

You’ll see our ads throughout the city, focused around the places where New Yorkers spend their time: on streets, sidewalks, subway stations, subway cars, buses and taxis. For the first time, this year our ads will also be featured in local magazines, including New York and TimeOut New York, as well as large-format spots around the city, including billboards and wallscapes in some of New York’s most popular neighborhoods.

This is our fifth campaign since our advertising debut in 2015, with “Live As You Please,” which was followed by 2016’s, “Find Your Formula,” and 2017 and 2018’s “Find Your Place” campaigns.

Scroll through the images below to see a few of our favorites from the latest campaign. Make sure to tag @streeteasy to let us know which ads you relate to most when you spot them around the city!

Comical scenes with dialogue between monsters will be featured on large wallscapes and sides of buildings in highly-trafficked areas of the city. Take a look:

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