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New Yorkers crave agents who can provide specific knowledge about a particular building or neighborhood. Stand out to them as a verified expert — at no upfront cost. StreetEasy Experts puts your deal history and experience in the spotlight, making you more noticeable to high-intent buyers.


Agent Spotlight Expands Your Presence on Sales Listings

Agent Spotlight helps market your brand to potential buyers. Get premium branding and an exclusive contact box on your sales listings.


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Just like any search engine, over time, your listings will earn fewer and fewer views. Featured Listings ensures your listings continue to be seen by people searching for apartments like yours.


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NYC Rental Network

Surface your listing across StreetEasy and other Zillow Group sites.

StreetEasy PRO

PRO verification and branding lets users know you're a trusted agent.

Reach NYC's biggest audience - StreetEasy and Zillow Group’s other consumer brands have on average 70% of market share for the online real estate category in NY¹.

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¹Source: Comscore Media Metrix ®, Desktop Only, Key Measures (Comscore Market), Total Unique Visitors, 6-month average, July – December 2023, New York, NY, U.S.