Own Your Listing

Agent Spotlight guarantees that you’re the only agent appearing on your listing*. More control, more exposure — at a lower price than ever.
*Excludes consumers with a preexisting My Agent relationship.


Get benefits that matter to you.

Control the Contact Box

You're the first and only point
of contact for all buyers*.

Shape the Narrative

Buyers come to you.
You know the listing best.

Simplified Pricing

A new pricing model lets you
pay as you go.

Adding Spotlight is easy.

Add Spotlight when you view your existing listings on StreetEasy.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Simplified monthly pricing, starting at $99 per listing.

Monthly pricing starts at $99 per listing and increases based on a variety of factors, including listing price, seasonality, and property type.
When purchasing Agent Spotlight, the applicable monthly price for each listing will be displayed.

Give buyers a direct line
to you — now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy Agent Spotlight?

Any agent or manager who edits or adds listings directly to StreetEasy can purchase Agent Spotlight on their own listings.

How do I renew Agent Spotlight?

Agent Spotlight will automatically renew on a monthly basis. Agents can cancel at any time by reaching out to our billing team.

What happens if I cancel Agent Spotlight for my listing and later want to re-purchase the same listing?

If you cancel Spotlight on your listing and later want to re-purchase you will need to start a new purchase cycle for that listing.
Please submit a request to our billing team if you have questions about Agent Spotlight at any time.

Other Agent Spotlight questions?

For other questions, please see our Agent Spotlight FAQs.

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