You’ve Declined Your StreetEasy Experts Contract

Thanks for Letting Us Know

Before you go, please note that you may change your mind at any time. If at a later time you decide you’d like to opt into Experts – and connect to relevant buyers and sellers in the buildings you know best – just email

One Parting Thought

We created Experts for a number of reasons. For one, 92% of NYC buyers have used a Zillow Group brand to look for a new home. And it’s always been evident that New Yorkers – and the properties they buy, sell and rent – are unique. Ultimately, that uniqueness points buyers and sellers to agents who can provide hyperlocal knowledge, whether they need someone to market properties for sale or someone to guide them through a purchase.

By connecting buyers and sellers to an agent with hyperlocal insights and expertise, Experts elevates the StreetEasy experience for all.