For New York City, 2017 was definitely … a year. The subway broke down, the ferries came to new places, the mayor got reelected, and real estate got weird. Luxury home prices softened, while competition grew even hotter for affordable places to live within the five boroughs. (Both are trends we expect to continue in 2018.) To sum up the last 12 months, here’s a graphic that shows what you looked at and loved on StreetEasy in 2017. Click the image to enlarge, and find more details below.

image of StreetEasy's most popular of 2017

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Most Popular NYC Amenity of 2017

Unsurprisingly, in this dog-obsessed (and cat-obsessed!) city, the most popular home amenity searched for on StreetEasy in 2017 was the ability to have pets.

Most-Searched NYC Neighborhood of 2017

If you follow our weekly series on the most popular apartments on StreetEasy, this should come as no surprise: The most popular neighborhood among StreetEasy searchers is Manhattan’s West Village. Doesn’t mean we can all afford to live there!

Most Popular NYC Celebrity Home of 2017

Look what you made us do: Talk about Taylor Swift a lot in 2017, centered around the carriage house she rented at 23 Cornelia St. in the West Village while her Tribeca digs were under renovation. After Swift vacated, the magnificent Cornelia Street place hit the market for $24.5 million (it has since had a price cut to $19.995 million) — and earned a slot in our Townhouse Week roundup.

Most Popular NYC Building of 2017

J.Lo and A-Rod went shopping there, and so apparently did you: The narrow, endlessly visible supertall of 432 Park Ave. was the building StreetEasy users viewed most in 2017. Here’s the view from the top of it.

Most Popular Sale Listing of 2017

A 1-bedroom co-op on the Upper East Side’s Lenox Hill for only $359,900? Yes, 334 E. 65th St. #62 is real. And it hasn’t found a buyer yet, so it could really be yours.

Most Popular Rental Listing of 2017

Well, who wouldn’t want to live in a slick, gorgeous 2-bedroom in the East Village, priced at $3,500 per month?

Most Expensive Sale of 2017

Someone bought three units at 432 Park — all of the 92nd floor, and half of the 93rd — in one transaction, for just over $91.1 million. The deal closed on Dec. 18, which means someone got themselves a really nice Christmas or Hannukah present.

Most Expensive Rental Listing of 2017

If you should ever find yourself needing a furnished, full-floor apartment in a fancy hotel on the Upper East Side with just about every luxury imaginable, never fear: The 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel is here for you. And it’s just $500,000. Per month.

The Busiest Day on StreetEasy in 2017

You can almost hear the buzz of new people moving to the city, graduates eyeing an exit from their dorm rooms, leases expiring, summer plans being hatched. The busiest day on StreetEasy last year came just before the peak of moving season, on June 6, 2017. How long ago that seems now, in snowy January!

Happy home searching, StreetEasy users, and Happy New Year.

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