StreetEasy Experts

Our newest agent- advertising program connects you with buyers and sellers at no upfront cost. Feature your profile and expertise to high-intent buyers on active listings where you have prior deal history.

Getting Started Is Easy

1. Opt in

Your brokerage has already signed up for StreetEasy Experts, so getting set up is simple! Check your email for the link to your contract.

Didn’t get the email? Request access now.

2. Confirm Your Eligible Buildings

Visit your My Buildings page. Review the buildings you’re eligible for, and confirm as many as you feel confident representing. Your performance and customer feedback for these listings will influence your exposure on future listings.

View the qualifications to appear as a StreetEasy Expert here.

3. Get Targeted Leads

Your profile and deal history will be shown to home shoppers on the active listings along with other StreetEasy Experts in the building.

4. Maintain Your Connections

You will receive new StreetEasy Connections. As an expert, you must provide timely updates on the status of your connections. To do so, visit your Contacts page and update your status with each StreetEasy connection as you set appointments, show them homes and submit offers on their behalf.

5. Record, Then Celebrate, Your Success!

Close a deal? No surprise there. When the time comes, update your connection to Under Contract. Once your buyer closes, update that connection to Sale Closed and send supporting documentation to StreetEasy — we'll invoice your brokerage for payment.

Submit your Closing Documents

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