All this week, StreetEasy is covering the L train shutdown planned for April 2019, reporting on its impact on the housing market and how those affected plan to respond. Our coverage is running now to help readers make housing decisions well in advance of the shutdown. See all our L train shutdown coverage.

August 2018: Many Williamsburg Rents Are Falling as L Shutdown Nears — As the shutdown creeps closer, rents in the North Brooklyn submarket, which covers the area served by the L train, have fallen to 2015 levels.

The L Train Shutdown: What’s Happening, and When? — All the basics of the L train shutdown, from how long it will last, to which parts of the line will be affected, and what the MTA plans to do about it.

In Williamsburg, Residents See L Shutdown as ‘Time to Grow Up’ — In Williamsburg, the L shutdown is prompting some to consider moving to a new neighborhood — and a new phase of life.

Want to Trade the L Train for a Bike Commute? Buy Some Gloves — Year-round bike commuting in New York City offers unique pleasures, but you need to be well-outfitted and tough to make it work.

The L Shutdown Set Off a Bargain Hunt in Williamsburg — StreetEasy data shows that for-sale prices fell in Williamsburg after the shutdown announcement, and buyers came running.

After the L Shutdown, 3 Neighborhoods That Could Sub for Williamsburg — Williamsburg has several different characters. Here we subjectively attempt to find other neighborhoods that reflect each one.

Alternatives to Williamsburg After L Train Shutdown — A data-driven look at other NYC neighborhoods that resemble Williamsburg.

With New Condos and Commuters, Can South Williamsburg Stay Weird? — The L shutdown may accelerate dramatic changes already happening in the neighborhood.

Luxury Landlords Prep for L Shutdown With Shuttles, Not Bargains — High-end landlords in Williamsburg are hoping to keep residents in place after the shutdown — but so far, they’re not offering special discounts.

L Train Documentary Will Tell Story of an ‘Unthinkable’ Shutdown — How the makers of new feature-length documentary on the L train see the winners and losers of the shutdown.

Williamsburg’s Indie Commerce and Character at Risk in L Shutdown — Our senior economist weighs in with thoughts on those most likely to struggle during the L shutdown: local businesses.

16 Things to Do in Williamsburg, Before (or Even After) the L Shutdown — However you get to Williamsburg, here’s how to have fun there.

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